Newborn Session Tips
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A common question that I receive when I client books a newborn session with me, is "what shall I put them in?" Answer is, ideally - nothing! Its honestly best to leave them with just a loose nappy on, wrapped up in a blanket to keep them warm, as for most of the session, they will be in their birthday suit with varying hats, nappy covers and outfits on that look best with bare skin underneath. For most shots, the nappy will stay on, but if it is kept loose then when it comes to any shots were it looks best to keep it off, there won't be any of those horrible crease marks from the nappy edges.

Other tips for a successful session are:
- Book the session for when they are under 2 weeks old. Babies change very quickly in the first few weeks of life, and are more sleepy and able to be posed in this time. Contact me as soon as possible after baby has arrived so that we can get you booked in.
- Try to feed them around 30 minutes before the shoot, or whilst I'm setting up. This gives you time to make sure they have fed enough, and burp them. Newborn sessions are best when the baby is sleeping, so the happier we can make them before and during the session, the better the outcome.
- Keep any comforters/dummies close by, so that if they do get upset and need a bit of comfort they are there ready to be used.
- Try and have the room a little warmer than usual during the winter, as a newborn in just a nappy and loose blanket is likely to get cold. Put the heating on a little while before I arrive. I would much rather be sweating, knowing that baby is going to be nice and warm, making them comfortable and more likely to stay asleep
- Newborn sessions are usually very posed, and baby is likely to be moved around quite a bit, and I do ask that you stay next to baby so that they are safe. If you see me put baby in a pose that you are not happy about, then please tell me. And of course, if there are any poses/shots/props that you have seen that you would like me to try, then please say, and if there are any props that are special to you and the family that you would like in a photo - this can make the photos more special to you. Any ideas you have, should ideally be discussed before the session, so that I can bring any necessary props/equipment with me.
- Don't worry about wee, poo or sick getting over the blankets/props. Everything I use can be cleaned. Being a mother myself, I'm used to having wee and other bodily fluids over me.
- Most importantly, stay relaxed. Babies are very clever little things, and can pick up on your nerves and composure.
Amazing Offer!!! Valid until 31st December 2013
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Amazing Offer!!! Valid until 31st December 2013

Your wedding day photographed for £340!! Thats 40% off my usual price of £565

Please note that you must book and have paid the 50% deposit of £170 before 31.12.13

Price includes:
- Full days shooting
- Pre Wedding meeting, which includes a 2 hour photoshoot at the location of your choice.
- Images available to view within 3 weeks of your wedding
- All images supplied as High Resolution Images, professionally edited and then burned onto DVD
- 10, 8"x10" Prints of your choice
Lyla & Florence
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This week I have had the pleasure of working with 2 beautiful, newborn baby girls.

First, meet Lyla - who is just a week old when we did the session
IMG_6435 IMG_6416 IMG_6448

Lyla is by far the youngest baby I have had the pleasure of working with. Newborn photography is not easy as you have to be incredibly patient as they are more than likely going to need feeding during the session, and some do not take well to having a strange person taking photos of them, so often need lots of cuddles and reassurance from their parents, but i will never take photos if the baby is not happy, and i will always give the parents time to calm them down and go at their own pace.

Quote from Lyla's mummy:
"Wow, my little one's a star. Thank you so much Kay for firstly, your amazing photography and skills in capturing my little one but also your patience in photographing a newborn under a week old. The photos are truly breathtaking and I'll treasure them forever. You certainly have a gift. xx"

Now meet Florence. She is just over 3 weeks old when we did these
Florence is by far the calmest & easiest baby that i have worked with
IMG_6584 IMG_6627 IMG_6694

IMG_6744 IMG_6814
Little Jakey
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I received a lovely email this morning from a very happy customer:

Hi Kay,

Just to let you know that the photo's went down a treat, Alison was delighted with them. I put a nice slide show together set to music and she cried her eyes out!! I also made a comic strip which I have attached.

Please feel free to use the portrait shots on your website etc, but not the comic strip pictures out of context, I think it looks weird..!?

Thanks again, and when we decide to have pictures done again I will defiantly be coming back to you and I will be recommending you to my friends.

Best Wishes,

Oli Tuff.

And attached to the email was this - a collage of the photos from the shoot, which got made into a Mothers Day card :)

Alfie Christening - 24th February 2013
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24th February 2013 saw the beautiful christening of Alfie Mark Lockyer at St Mary's Church, Stone.
Alfie Christening Alfie Christening Alfie Christening

This is a small village church, located a very short distance from Bluewater - but looking at it and its surroundings you would not realise you were so close to a very busy area of Kent.

photo from church website

St Marys Church, is nicknamed 'Little Westminster' and is said to be one of the finest churches in Kent. It has stood in Stone since the 13th Century and has become a regular worshipping place of the Christian community. It also is known as the "Lantern of Kent" as it stands on top of a hill overlooking the Thames, and it was a sign to sailors returning home and a safe place. It is visible from the QE II bridge.

The mystery around who paid and built the church still remains, but it has been deemed unlikely that anyone in the parish could have afforded materials & craftsmen to produce a fine example of a building. The most likely explanation is that pilgrims in 1170 who were passing along Watling Street, which is very close by, provided the starting force of the Church. Work wise, it has been compared to Westminster Abbey and they believe that it may have been the same stone masons that built the Abbey.

The ceremony was led by The Rector, Revd. Kenneth Clark. As it was a small, family gathering - no seats were taken, but stood around the font which made it feel that slightly bit more special. Alfie - who is 5 months, was such a good little boy throughout the whole ceremony and didn't even mind having the warm water from the font being poured onto his head (Affusion) using the metal shaped sea shell.

Alfie Christening Alfie Christening Alfie Christening Alfie Christening

After this, Alfie was given his own copy of the bible, and a lit candle to carry on his path. He was also given a shoe which quoted his birth date and his christening date, and this was hung up on the tree in the children's area by one his godparents.

Alfie Christening Alfie Christening

Alfie Christening set on Flickr
Christening Portfolio
St Mary's Church, Stone
Hair & Make-up
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Good news!!!

I am now pleased to announce that with both the photoshoot package (£110) and the maternity shoot (£105), you will have your hair and make up professionally done by Hayley from Flame Beauty ( This new extra is included in the package price.
Stone Bridge Hair Shoot
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On 16th February 2013, I had the pleasure of working with Stone Bridge Hair to create product photos for their website. I was really excited to be doing this, as I had viewed some of the existing photos on their website and was amazed with how beautiful and elegant the hair pieces were.

Stone bridge Hair was started by Melissa Hill in 2006. The company are constantly growing their range of hair pieces they sell. Each piece is custom made for them mainly by French & Italian companies, who themselves are family owned, which makes these hair pieces just that extra bit special, knowing that a lot of love and attention has gone into making them. Each new piece in the range has been crafted from high quality materials which have been tested to the max - being worn for days on end so that they know their customers are going to be 100% satisfied with their purchase, and not find that it falls apart or looks tatty after a few wears. These are made to last for years to come.
Stone Bridge Hair Stone Bridge Hair

The range of the hair pieces provide something for everyone, whether your hair is long, short, thick, or thin and for every occasion.

Stone Bridge Hair Stone Bridge Hair Stone Bridge Hair

Whilst photographing the hair pieces, Melissa said "If a piece cannot be photographed well, I cannot sell it" - my goodness that was a challenge, but it's a very true statement, and one that was able to be met, through careful placement and perfect lighting.
Stone Bridge Hair Stone Bridge Hair

Stone Bridge Hair set on Flickr
Stone Bridge Hair
Mother's Day
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Stuck for present ideas for Mothers Day? Then why not book a shoot for your Mum or special female loved one and make her feel like a queen, and if you book a shoot before Mothers Day you will receive 20% off when you quote "MothersDay" when booking :)
BTCC 1st April 2012
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1st April saw the return of the ever exciting BTCC to Brands Hatch in Kent (No April fools joke!) Brand Hatch sees the first 3 rounds of the season, with Dave Newsham on pole, and Matt Neal alongside him on the front role.

BTCC 1st April 2012 BTCC 1st April 2012 BTCC 1st April 2012

Jason Plato, 2 times BTCC Champion, returned for his 11th season in a new car for MG KX Momentum Racing. Matt Neal also returns for his 11th season to defend his Championship title, in a Honda Civic for the 3rd Season in a row. Both drivers are well known for their competitive nature, and are often having "Racing Incidents" over the course of previous seasons, so expect more of this in the coming races.

BTCC 1st April - BTCC RACE 2 BTCC 1st April - BTCC RACE 2

Race 1 Report:
Collard's emotional race 1 win
1. Robert Collard
2. Matt Neal
3. Tom Onslow-Cole

Race 2 Report:
Neal takes historic win
1. Matt Neal
2. Andrew Jordan
3. Jason Plato

Race 3 Report:
Plato gives MG winning return

1. Jason Plato
2. Andrew Jordan
3. Dave Newsham

Also, alongside the BTCC races, there was support from the Ginetta GT Supercup, Ginetta Junior Championship, Renault Clio Cup & Porsche Carrera Cup GB. Ginetta Juniors are Ginetta G40 cars that are identical and have sealed engines, gearboxes and differentials so no modifications can be made to make the series even, driven by 14-17 year olds.

BTCC 1st April - Ginetta BTCC 1st April - Ginetta BTCC 1st April - Ginetta BTCC 1st April - Ginetta BTCC 1st April - Ginetta

The day was very enjoyable, with some very, fast action racing, numerous "racing incidents", and cars visiting the kitty litter. Well worth coming to Brands when they return at the end of October

BTCC set on Flickr
BTCC Official Site
Brands Hatch
DTM practice
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Friday, 2nd September saw DTM (German Touring Cars), storm back into action at Brands Hatch in Kent for an action packed weekend of racing.

Brands Hatch

Featuring at the event alongside the main event, is the Racecar Euroseries which makes it debut at the Kent circuit, which are similar cars to the ones used in the NASCAR series in America. The format of the series includes 2 sprint races, and then an endurance race, with 2 drivers sharing the race distance per car, and one of these drivers must be a professional, and the other an amateur.

Racecar Euroseries Qualifying Racecar Euroseries Qualifying Racecar Euroseries Qualifying Racecar Euroseries Qualifying

Last year at the FIA F2 event at Brands, The Nippon Challenge featured - and for this weekend they have asked the organisers of the race - Red Dragon Racing , to bring their cars over to compete on the grid. The Nippon Challenge features all makes of Japanese sports and saloon cars and other Asian makes, with power ranging from 150bhp to 500 bhp, which gives people on varying budgets race.

Nippon Challenge Qualifying Nippon Challenge Qualifying Nippon Challenge Qualifying

Also, for the 2nd year in a row, the Volkswagen Scirocco R Cup return to Brands. I personally love these cars, as although they aren't the most attractive, they feature the Bosch MS4 Push-to-pass in the engine, to give them a short burst of increased power of 30 PS to create additional overtaking opportunities and action throughout the race, which is similar to that of the KERS in F1 cars.

Volkswagen Scirocco R Cup Practice Volkswagen Scirocco R Cup Practice

Another new series to the DTM's at Brands Hatch, is the MSVR Lotus Cup UK which is organised by LoTRDC and MSVR. It features a 1hr race this weekend, but at other events it includes a mixture of 1hr races and shorter 20 and 30 minute double headers. This series is not part of the DTM calendar, but guest features at other races throughout the year. The series has 5 classes of Lotus race cars, from the Elise Trophy Production cars up to 2-Elevens.

MSVR Lotus Cup UK Practice MSVR Lotus Cup UK Practice MSVR Lotus Cup UK Practice

DTM Practice Afternoon on Flickr
Red Dragon Racing
Lotus Cup UK
Brands Hatch
Volkswagen Scirocco R Cup
RaceCar Euroseries
Gemma & Ali
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On 21st August i had the pleasure of working with 2 beautiful models, Gemma and Ali. Both of these girls have studied Drama, which made for some excellent poses and facial expressions. The girls where brilliant to work with, and i hope to work with again. We went to Leybourne Lakes in Aylesford to do the photos, and although the rain tried to put paid to the session, the skies cleared and made for some wonderful lighting, with only a flash gun and umbrella needed for fill light.

My favourites from the shoot:

Gemma Gemma Gemma Gemma Gemma

Ali Gemma & Ali

Ali Ali Ali Ali
Mad Hatters Tea Party
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A few weekends ago, I visited Bodiam, East Sussex for The Mad Hatters Tea Party which was being held by Mad Hatters Fancy Dress. The event was amazing. Everyone got into the spirit of things, with the spectacular grounds decorated, people dressing up and tea served in china cups.
Mad Hatters Tea Party Mad Hatters Tea Party Mad Hatters Tea Party Mad Hatters Tea Party Mad Hatters Tea Party

I spoke to Jennifer, who runs Mad Hatters, and asked her for some background information for the business.
Mad Hatters Tea Party

"About 12 years ago, I saw in our local Friday ad, about 500 costumes for sale at a reasonable price, and thought I might give it a go, having been interested in art, and drama at school. At the time I was studying for a PHd in English Lit., but thought it might be a nice side business to run in my spare time. 12 years later, we have over 3000 costumes, the PHd has not been completed, the business now employs 8 people, and offers both theatrical and high quality fancy dress costumes and accessories for both private and co-operate hire through out the whole of the Uk. We were one of the first company's to offer on-line hire, and next month we are going to be opening up our sales to international customers.
For me costumes are like art works, the more detailed, well made and constructed they are, the more glamourous you feel wearing them, so we have always strived to find the best manufacturers in order to offer an affordable way of looking the best at any event.
Personally I love the vintage side of the business, which we have launched as an individual collection this year. We regularly send staff to the Goodwood Revival, War and Peace and other such events throughout the year, and now have a well established collection of both vintage and reproduction period clothes and accessories perfect for such outings.
The best thing about the business is that it is often the start of peoples parties. People always come in, have fun choosing there outfits, giggling and laughing at their new attire, in preparation for their event, and it is great to be a part of this. We loved having the open day last Sunday, and meeting so many new faces, and the photography that has come from this event has been superb. We really hope that more people will be inspired to have more costumed events from this, as fancy dress is a wonderful ice breaker at parties, people start the evening smiling when they see the array of colours and characters that can be brought to life through fancy dress."
Mad Hatters Tea Party Mad Hatters Tea Party Mad Hatters Tea Party Mad Hatters Tea Party

I would urge anyone in the Kent or the surrounding area who requires a fancy dress costume for an event, to visit Mad Hatters Fancy Dress, as you will not be disappointed.

Mad Hatter Fancy Dress
Mad Hatter Fancy Dress Blog
Eltham Palace
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Yesterday, I decided to visit Eltham Palace, in a tiny corner of London. It is owned and maintained by English Heritage and is listed as a Grade II building.

Eltham Palace Eltham Palace Eltham Palace

Eltham Palace was originally a manor house with a surrounding moat with a large area of open parkland. In 1305, Edward II obtained the palace when it was given to him by the Bishop of Durham, Anthony Bek. Edward II then passed it onto Queen Isabella. When Edward IV acquired the property , he made several, notable changes. mainly the addition of the Great Hall in the 1470's, which stands proud to this day. The interior of the Great Hall is beautiful, taking on a church like feel. Henry VIII also inherited the palace, spending more money to bring it up to his needs, but after this, and the building of Greenwich Palace, Eltham started to decline, and became a farm for the next 200 years and the buildings were rented out to various tenants.

Eltham Palace Eltham Palace Eltham Palace

In the beginning of the 19th century more structural changes were made, including a villa built within the moat walls, and gardens built. In 1828 the Great Hall was restored, to save it from demolition but it use was still as a barn. Further on in the 19th century, the palace was used as a gentleman's residence, which caused more changes to be made.

Eltham Palace Eltham Palace

Stephen and Virginia Courtauld, built a house that joined onto the Great Hall, which creates the palace that is seen now. As keen gardeners, the land surrounding the palace was re-designed, which incorporated lawns, a mixed border, a sunken rose garden, a spring bulb meadow, a rock garden and woodland garden.

Eltham Palace Eltham Palace Eltham Palace Eltham Palace

In 1944, The Courtauld's vacated the palace, and the Army used the property as educational units until 1992 when English Heritage acquired the property, and restored the property to its former glory, and was opened to the public in 1999. Rumors have it that the palace is haunted by a ghost of a former staff member, who is said to have given tours of the palace when the palace should have been empty.

Eltham Palace Eltham PalaceEltham Palace

The visit to the palace was very enjoyable, and the interior is stunning, with light pouring in through a glass dome. The cafe is small, but serves some scrumptious, locally made cakes and puddings, along with a small selection of main courses. There is plenty of room to park, and entrance costs are fairly reasonable. Unfortunalty, photography inside the palace is not allowed. Well worth a visit, and make sure you obtain a map of the palace - its very easy to get lost and forget what rooms you have already seen.

Eltham Palace on Flickr
Eltham Palace on English Heritage
Tonbridge and Castle
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After chatting with a friend, I discovered the Tonbridge, has a castle. In all the years that I’ve lived in Kent, and travelled down to Tunbridge Wells and other places, i never knew that there was a castle. So, on Thursday 11th November, i decided to visit Tonbridge Castle.

I found the castle, next to the River Medway, which created a beautiful backdrop for photos. After parking the car in the pay and display car park, I attempted to find the castle entrance, which i have to admit was very hard to find. You walk underneath the Gatehouse, and you are met by a grassed area, and to your left, a more modern building called "Gateway". In here is the Tourist Information Centre, but this is only found out once you enter the building. There was very little information as to where to buy tickets to enter the castle, or whether it was even open. I asked the lady that was behind the desk, and she informed us that the castle was open (only after asking her colleague), and that we bought tickets from her.

Tonbridge & Castle Tonbridge & Castle Tonbridge & Castle

I was given an audio tour handset, which had a key fob attached to it, which is how you gain entry to the inside of the castle. I was warned that a lot of the tour would be dark and there would be uneven walking ground and steps. The inside of the castle is beautiful, and has been kept in keeping with the era of the castle, without becoming to 'touristy'. There are a lot of steep steps, which lead you all the way to the top, where you can admire the view of Tonbridge and its surroundings.

Tonbridge & Castle Tonbridge & Castle Tonbridge & Castle Tonbridge & Castle Tonbridge & Castle Tonbridge & Castle

After finishing the tour, I ventured around the castle grounds (which are free to enter). I was met by lots of squirrels, who were very friendly and came quite close. I then walked into the busy town and found some lovely views of the river and the bridges that cross it.

Tonbridge & Castle Tonbridge & Castle Tonbridge & Castle Tonbridge & Castle Tonbridge & Castle Tonbridge & Castle

The simple wooden Motte and Bailey castle was built in 1070, soon after the Norman Conquest by Richard Fitz Gilbert, to guard the crossing of the River Medway. In 1088, the de Clare family (descendents of Fitz Gilbert) fought against King William II. His army seized the castle. After two days, the castle fell and as punishment, King William II had both the castle and the town of Tonbridge burnt to the ground. The castle was rebuilt after the fire, with a stone shell keep. During the thirteenth century, the castle was reinforced with the gatehouse and a stone wall was built around the town.

Tonbridge & Castle Tonbridge & Castle Tonbridge & Castle Tonbridge & Castle

The mansion that is attached to the castle was added in 1793, this and the castle are Grade I listed buildings. The site was purchased by the local council in 1900, who now use the mansion as offices, and making the grounds a public park.

Tonbridge & Castle Tonbridge & Castle

Tonbridge Castle
Tonbridge and Castle on Flickr
Rolvenden Locomotive Restoration Sheds
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On 11th September, a group of us were given the behind the scenes tour of the Rolvenden Locomotive Restoration sheds. This was an amazing experience, which is not usually seen by members of the public.

Rolvenden Locomotive Restoration Sheds Rolvenden Locomotive Restoration Sheds Rolvenden Locomotive Restoration Sheds Rolvenden Locomotive Restoration Sheds

Hunslet Austerity number 23 'Holman F Stephens'. This loco was built by Hunslet of Leeds in 1952 for the War Department. The engine worked at the Longmoor Military Railway, Bicester Military Depot and Shoeburyness. The loco was purchased by the K&ESR in 1972 and has provided a sterling service to the railway ever since.

Rolvenden Locomotive Restoration Sheds Rolvenden Locomotive Restoration Sheds

376 Norwegian's boiler - this boiler is 90% complete and requires a few small alterations to be made. It is the only superheated boiler on the K&ESR. 376 Norwegian used to work in a place called Hell for the Norwegian State Railways. It arrived on the K&ESR in the early 1970s but was withdrawn from service in 1977 needing some massive repairs. After an almost total rebuild, 376 returned to traffic in 1995 and stayed in service until 2006. She is currently undergoing a 10 yearly overhaul and this should hopefully be completed by late 2011.

Rolvenden Locomotive Restoration Sheds Rolvenden Locomotive Restoration Sheds Rolvenden Locomotive Restoration Sheds

This is the 376 Norwegian's main frames with motion being reassembled.

Rolvenden Locomotive Restoration Sheds Rolvenden Locomotive Restoration Sheds Rolvenden Locomotive Restoration Sheds

The GWR loco is no 1638 built to a Great Western design by British Railways in 1951. These classic Pannier tanks worked branchlines similar to the K&ESR on the Western region and later across the country.

Rolvenden Locomotive Restoration Sheds Rolvenden Locomotive Restoration Sheds

No 14 Charwelton: This loco was built by Manning Wardle in 1917 and worked in just two locations, Charwelton and Sproxton quarries. The loco was purchased for £280 in 1961 by the newly founded K&ESR Railway. The loco was in fairly regular service until 2001. The overhaul began but work was suspended in 2003 due to a shortage of Class 5 locomotives. The overhaul was resumed in 2007 as a volunteer lead project. The loco was overhauled and returned to service by the Saturday Gang, a group of young and new volunteers dedicated to overhauling/maintaining locomotives. The loco returned to service in February 2010.

Rolvenden Locomotive Restoration Sheds Rolvenden Locomotive Restoration Sheds Rolvenden Locomotive Restoration Sheds

753 P Class. This loco was built by Ashford Works in 1909 and worked suburban branchlines near London. Eventually displaced from this work the loco went to France as part of the WW1 British forces and shunted at Bolougne. The loco was hired to the K&ESR in the 1930s and when it wasn't at the K&ESR she was working as a shunter and pilot loco. Eventually she was purchased from BR by Hodsons Flower Mill and worked at Robertsbridge until 1970 when the line to the mill was closed. The P was then purchased by the K&ESR. The loco had a very large overhaul in the 1970s that wasn't completed until 1986 (but didn't start until 1984!). The loco received a new boiler in 2000, costing around £40,000. Part of the old boiler still remains.

Rolvenden Locomotive Restoration Sheds Rolvenden Locomotive Restoration Sheds

I would like to say a special thank you to David Hunter, who was our tour guide for the day, and has helped with the information on this post. David is part of the "Saturday Gang", who volunteer on a saturday to help restore these locomotives. Below are some links on their work.

Saturday Gang on Youtube
KESR Locomotive Website
Kent and East Sussex Railway
Kent and East Sussex Railway
12th September 2010 - 0 comments
A visit to the Kent and East Sussex Railway was in order on the 11th September for their 10th annual Hoppers Weekend. Visitors to the Bodiam Station were treated to a history of Hop picking. As this was a special event weekend, the Red train service was running, which means that all trains running were steam powered, and a range of historic cars where on show.

Kent & East Sussex Railway Kent & East Sussex Railway Kent & East Sussex Railway Kent & East Sussex Railway

Bodiam and the surrounding area was a haven for hop pickers, pickers used to come from all over the south east area on specially timetabled trains during the summer for their annual break, inhaling the fresh countryside air. It is now over 50 years since the last special pickers train arrived at Bodiam Station.

Kent & East Sussex Railway Kent & East Sussex Railway Kent & East Sussex Railway Kent & East Sussex Railway

In April 1900, the first section of the Rother Valley railway was opened, at Tenterden, which is now known as Rolvenden station. The line to the now Tenterden Town station was built and opened in 1903. In 1954, the now named Kent and East Sussex Railway, closed its carriages and was not to be used again, apart from goods trains and the hop pickers. In 1961, all activity on the railway was shut, and the section between Bodiam and Robertsbridge was eventually sold off, stripped of the tracks and was converted into farming fields.

Kent & East Sussex Railway Kent & East Sussex Railway Kent & East Sussex Railway

The charity took the line over in 1972, and took on the task of restoring the railway and bringing it back to life. In February 1974 the first part of the line was reopened, and gradually over the coming 26 years the rest of the line to Bodiam was restored.

Kent & East Sussex Railway Kent & East Sussex Railway Kent & East Sussex Railway Kent & East Sussex Railway

In 1991, The Rother Valley Railway vowed to renew the line between Robertsbridge and Bodiam. This is being rebuilt by Volunteer members of the railway, and is becoming ever closer to completion.

Behind the scenes at Rolvenden and Tenterden, restoration and upkeep of the locomotives, carriages and all other parts of the railway are carried out. A further blog post about Rolvenden will be available shortly, as we were given a private tour of the sheds - which is not open to the public.
Military Mayhem 2010
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On Sunday 22nd August i visited the Military Mayhem Show, located at the Wrotham Hill Showground in Kent.

This year the show celebrated 65 years since VE day. Their chosen charity for this year was Help for Heroes. This little lad on top of the Jeep, sitting with Papa Smurf, was raising money for Help for Heroes by getting rides in 20 or more vehicles. He only thought that he could raise £9, as he reckoned this was a lot of money, but he has raised over £500 for the charity. *EDIT* As of 3rd September 2010, i have been informed that he has raised £731 and the money is still coming in *EDIT*

Military Mayhem

On display were a range of tanks, military vehicles and re-enactors in the main arena, along side static displays of all ranges of military vehicles, from jeeps to very large tanks.

Military MayhemMilitary MayhemMilitary MayhemMilitary MayhemMilitary Mayhem

Rides were available in a tank, which can hold up to 12 people. This was a very fun and disorientating experience, to which i have the bruises and mud to show for the ride.

Military MayhemMilitary Mayhem

A very pretty lady was sat on the top of one of the display tanks, who was very happy to smile for the camera. It turned out to be, none other than KAS – The Forces Sweetheart, who specialises in singing songs from the WW2 era and in particular tribute songs for our war veterans from all conflicts.

Military MayhemMilitary Mayhem

A good day was had by all, and for £5 entry fee and reasonably priced refreshments and stalls, made it the perfect day out for the family. Roll on next years event.

Military Mayhem 2010 on Flickr
Military Mayhem Main Website
Yorkshire Summer 2010
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On a recent trip to Yorkshire, a little friend of mine from DuckMyLife called Dave, paid me and the family a little visit. He was ever so excited about coming, and when it came to sending him on his travels - he really didnt want to go :(

Dave the Duck Dave the Duck

We had fun visiting the famous Cow and Calf Rocks, which sit on one side of a valley, surrounded by Ilkley Moor. Was ever so high up for such a small duck to climb and explore, was a little worried he might blow away. A lot of the time he liked to sit on a shoulder, and watch the world go by. Whilst on the subject of Ilkley, he enjoyed visiting the annual Ilkley Festival Market, where he sampled some very interesting food, which included Kangaroo burgers and a Yorkshire Fat Rascal. He even tried looking for a job in the world famous Bettys Tea Rooms.

Cow and Calf Rocks on Ilkley Moor Cow and Calf Rocks on Ilkley Moor Cow and Calf Rocks on Ilkley Moor Dave the Duck @ Ilkley Market Dave the Duck @ Ilkley Market

A trip to the Wensleydale Cheese Factory in Hawes was in order for Saturday. On the way there we visited the Kilnsey Park Fish Farm where Dave the Duck got a little frightened when he saw this sign. Unfortunalty, when we got to the Cheese Factory, Dave didnt like the smell and voted to stay in the car.

Kilnsey Park Fish Farm Kilnsey Park Fish Farm

On the way back, a stop along the beautiful Langstrothdale took our fancy, and then further on, stopped at the Ribblehead Viaduct to see if we could see any trains go along it (which we didnt), but the views from both places were amazing, and definatly worth the stop.

Langstrothdale Langstrothdale Langstrothdale Langstrothdale Langstrothdale Ribblehead Viaduct

Sunday was a motorsport day, visiting the Harewood Speed Hillclimb. A very enjoyable day was had by all, including Dave who got to sit in some of the cars. He loved looking at the Ariel Atom, and the Cadbury coloured car.

Harewood Speed Hillclimb Harewood Speed Hillclimb Harewood Speed Hillclimb Harewood Speed Hillclimb Harewood Speed Hillclimb

Unfortunatly, Dave wasnt able to come to Temple Newsam and Golden Acre Park on the Monday, as he had to catch a flight to Denmark with another friend. What a busy duck he is.

Temple Newsam Temple Newsam Golden Acre Park Temple Newsam Temple Newsam


Yorkshire 2010 on Flickr
Dave in Yorkshire on DuckMyLife
28 Days Later
20th June 2010 - 0 comments
19th June saw some of the South East members of POTN decend on London to take photos, on an all night shoot. The basis for the night was the film, 28 Days Later. Our aim - to take photos of London when it is deserted, just like in the film. We also had media passes to shoot in More London, a new development on the south bank of the River Thames.

28 Days Later 28 Days Later 28 Days Later 28 Days Later

One of out team, had a set of lights to create effects called Orbing. The resulting pictures are something very special. Long shutter speeds of between 10 and 30 seconds are used (tripods are a must) and varying movements of the lights create different effects.

28 Days Later 28 Days Later 28 Days Later

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