Newborn Session Tips

11th November 2014

A common question that I receive when I client books a newborn session with me, is "what shall I put them in?" Answer is, ideally - nothing! Its honestly best to leave them with just a loose nappy on, wrapped up in a blanket to keep them warm, as for most of the session, they will be in their birthday suit with varying hats, nappy covers and outfits on that look best with bare skin underneath. For most shots, the nappy will stay on, but if it is kept loose then when it comes to any shots were it looks best to keep it off, there won't be any of those horrible crease marks from the nappy edges.

Other tips for a successful session are:
- Book the session for when they are under 2 weeks old. Babies change very quickly in the first few weeks of life, and are more sleepy and able to be posed in this time. Contact me as soon as possible after baby has arrived so that we can get you booked in.
- Try to feed them around 30 minutes before the shoot, or whilst I'm setting up. This gives you time to make sure they have fed enough, and burp them. Newborn sessions are best when the baby is sleeping, so the happier we can make them before and during the session, the better the outcome.
- Keep any comforters/dummies close by, so that if they do get upset and need a bit of comfort they are there ready to be used.
- Try and have the room a little warmer than usual during the winter, as a newborn in just a nappy and loose blanket is likely to get cold. Put the heating on a little while before I arrive. I would much rather be sweating, knowing that baby is going to be nice and warm, making them comfortable and more likely to stay asleep
- Newborn sessions are usually very posed, and baby is likely to be moved around quite a bit, and I do ask that you stay next to baby so that they are safe. If you see me put baby in a pose that you are not happy about, then please tell me. And of course, if there are any poses/shots/props that you have seen that you would like me to try, then please say, and if there are any props that are special to you and the family that you would like in a photo - this can make the photos more special to you. Any ideas you have, should ideally be discussed before the session, so that I can bring any necessary props/equipment with me.
- Don't worry about wee, poo or sick getting over the blankets/props. Everything I use can be cleaned. Being a mother myself, I'm used to having wee and other bodily fluids over me.
- Most importantly, stay relaxed. Babies are very clever little things, and can pick up on your nerves and composure.

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